GOTLAND - when Scandinavia was located south of the Equator
Excursion leader: Dr. Otto Hermelin
Date & time: Friday-Sunday, 8–10 June
9 am on Friday to 6 pm on Sunday
This three-day excursion will take you 420-430 million years back in time to the Silurian on the island of Gotland. Gotland is situated in the Baltic Sea east of the Swedish mainland. We will explore the shallow reef environment and study the fossil remains of the life forms that filled this shallow sea. There will be various corals, trilobites, stromatoporiods, bryozoans, brachiopods, endoceratids and much more! This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the equatorial Silurian sea, as well as to visit the beautiful Swedish countryside.
We will take a chartered bus to Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, followed by a 3 hour ferry ride to Visby on the island of Gotland. We will stay in the middle of Visby. Visby is a World Heritage Site and has a lot of history including a 3.4 km long medieval defensive wall that encircles the town center, as well as church ruins dating as far back as the 12th century. During the day we will use the bus to visit some classical geological sites on the island. Breakfast and sack lunches are provided on Saturday and Sunday and are included in the excursion price but you will have to purchase lunch Friday and dinners each night. While the walking is not extensive, comfortable shoes are necessary and you should dress according to the weather. Our two nights will be at the Clarion hotel and you have the choice of paying for a single room, or sharing for a reduced cost. Please note this when you register for the excursion.
Meeting point: We will meet in the parking lot behind the Geoscience Building, Stockholm University at 0900 AM on Friday 8 June. We will return at approximately 8.30 PM on June 10th and will make two drop-offs, one at the central station in Stockholm and another at SU as needed.
Maximum number of participants: 30
Cost per person: 3500 SEK per person (single room), 2700 SEK per person (shared room, 2 twin beds)

Date & time: Monday, 11 June, 7 pm
At the City Hall
Venue: The City Hall.
Cost per person: Included in the Registration fee

Excursion leader: Dr. Joakim Mansfeld
Date & time: Wednesday, 13 June, 1 pm-5 pm
We will make a walking tour through picturesque city of Stockholm (Norrmalm, Östermalm) and explore stone materials in façades, statues and ornaments, from gracile 1700 century palaces to monumental stone buildings of the 1970's. The excursion is especially concentrated on the expansive period around the end of the 1900’s when commercial banks and wealthy citizens erected new buildings that now house the Swedish government. We will look at geological features in the rocks, hear about the stone industry in Stockholm and Sweden, and learn some history about the buildings, founders and architects of Stockholm.
The walk will start inside the Central station and continue through busy Stockholm towards the scenic waterfront, and then towards Stockholm's oldest park, Kungsträdgården (“The King's garden"). We will return to the Central station. The walk is around 3-4 km and will take 3-4 hours. The tour will end at a cafe/restaurant, where there will be possibilities for rest and refreshments (at your own expense) after the tour. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended and you dress for the weather on the day.
Meeting point: We will begin our tour at the Central station main entrance hall (towards Vasagatan) at 1300. The tour will take 3-4 hours and end near the Central station.
Maximum number of participants: 20
Cost per person: 100 SEK

Date & time: Thursday, 14 June, 7 pm
Venue: Restaurant off-campus Stora skogen.
Cost per person: Included in the Registration fee

Excursion leader: Prof. Alasdair Skelton
Date & time: Friday, 15 June, 10 am-4 pm
This one-day excursion will take us to the Ytterby mine in Stockholm’s archipelago. It was here that an amateur geologist, Carl Axel Arrhenius, found the heavy black mineral gadolinite, from which yttrium, ytterbium, erbium and terbium were first discovered. On this excursion, we will see gadolinite at Ytterby mine where it is hosted by a pegmatite with 30 cm feldspar crystals. We will then continue to central Stockholm to explore how the discovery of the elements is closely intertwined with the porcelain industry on which parts of central Stockholm are founded. This is a good excursion for conference delegates and accompanying members.
We will use public transport to travel to the Ytterby mine and back. You will therefore need your local transport card. There is a 2 km walk to/from Ytterby mine and a 1 km walk in Stockholm City. Both walks are mostly along roads, so normal walking shoes are fine. Dress otherwise according to the weather on the day. Lunch is included and we will eat at Rörstrand Castle Café in Stockholm.
Meeting point: We will begin the excursion at the Geoscience Building, Stockholm University at 10.00 am and end the excursion at Odenplan in Stockholm at 4 pm.
Maximum number of participants: 20
Cost per person: 200 SEK

Excursion leader: Prof. Martin Jakobsson
Date & time: Friday-Saturday, 15-16 June. 12 noon on Friday to 6 pm on Saturday
The Askö Laboratory located on the island Askö in the southern Stockholm Archipelago is the research facility of Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre. Situated in the outermost archipelago with its southern tip exposed to the Baltic Sea, Askö has interesting bedrock geology as well as glacial deposits. Large sea eagles are often seen around the Island. This 1.5 day excursion includes a visit to the research facility where we stay overnight. During the second day we will take a tour with Stockholm University’s new research vessel (RV) Electra. During the cruise geophysical mapping including sub-bottom profiling, multibeam and mid-water column mapping will be demonstrated. We will survey an area east of Askö where conspicuous bathymetric terraces of the seafloor have been tentatively linked to ground water seepage. We will make a dive to these features and film them using our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
We will meet at noon on Friday and buss to Askö. Dress according to the weather (rain, wind, etc.). We will stop en route to purchase something to eat, have a barbeque dinner Friday evening and stay overnight at the research station in (single room accommodation). Dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday is included in the excursion fee, but you will pay for lunch on Friday.
Meeting point: We will meet at 12 noon on Friday 15 June in the parking lot behind the Geoscience Building, Stockholm University and travel by bus to Askö. We will return to the University on Saturday 16 June by c. 6 pm.
Maximum number of participants: 20
Cost per person: 1600 kr per person (includes buss transport from/to Stockholm University, single room accommodation at Askö, dinner/breakfast/lunch).